Mullion Compact Life Jacket 150N Automatic – 3MV7 – MK3 Model




The newly developed MK3 Model is a very compact inflatable life jacket conform to ISO12402 / 150N inflatable life jacket / PVC reinforcement – durable wipe clean PVC reinforced cover for heavy duty / High abrasion resistant outercover / Quick burst zip closure / Inflation system operational readiness indicator window on the back / Service date information window on the back / Crutch strap / Marine grade whistle / SOLAS reflective tape

ISO 12402 consists of the following parts, under the general title Personal floatation devices:
– Part 1: Life jackets for seagoing ships (Safety requirements)
– Part 2: Life jackets, performance level 275 (Safety requirements)
– Part 3: Life jackets, performance level 150 (Safety requirements)
– Part 4: Life jackets, performance level 100 (Safety requirements)
– Part 5: Buoyancy aids (level 50) (Safety requirements)

– Part 6: Special purpose lifejackets & buoyancy aids
(Safety requirements & additional test methods)
– Part 7: Materials and components (Safety requirements and test methods)
– Part 8: Accessories (Safety requirements and test methods)
– Part 9: Test methods
– Part 10: Selection and application of personal flotation devices and other relevant devices

ISO 12402 is intended to serve as a guide to manufacturers, purchasers, and users of such safety equipment in ensuring that the equipment provides an effective standard of performance in use. Equally essential is the need for the designer to encourage the wearing of the equipment by making it comfortable and attractive for continuous wear on or near water, rather than for it to be stored in a locker for emergency use. Throwable devices and flotation cushions are not covered by this part of ISO 12402. The primary function of a PFD is to support the user in reasonable safety in the water.

Within the two classes, alternative attributes make some PFDs better suited to some circumstances than others or make them easier to use and care for than others. Important alternatives allowed by ISO 12402 are the following:

– to provide higher levels of support (levels 100, 150, or 275) that generally float the user with greater water clearance, enabling the user’s efforts to be expended in recovery rather than avoiding waves; or to provide lighter or less bulky PFDs (levels 50 to 100);
– to provide the kinds of flotation (inherently buoyant foam, hybrid, and inflatable) that will accommodate the sometimes conflicting needs of reliability and durability, in-water performance, and continuous wear; ISO 12402-8:2006
– to provide automatically operating (inherently buoyant or automatically inflated) PFDs that float users without any intervention on their part, except in initially donning the PFD (and regular inspection and rearming of inflatable types), or to provide user control of the inflatable PFDs buoyancy by manual and oral operation; and
– to assist in detection (location aids) and recovery of the user.

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