Guy Cotten Isomax Jacket

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More comfort and safety thanks to two major innovations!
The ISOLATECH system : an insulation technique to control condensation inside the waterproof garment.
The “Magic” Hood does not obstruct your vision and does not restrict your movements.
It is also possible to wear a helmet under the “Magic” hood.
Comfortable Cap-Coz fabric on shoulders and back.
Heavy duty zip under double self grip flap.
Adjustable elasticated cuffs

What is the Isolatech System?

Condensation is a natural phenomenom that occurs inside traditional waterproofs when
there is a difference in temperature between the outside and the inside of the garment.
Our ISOLATECH SYSTEM is using the double glazing principle.
The Condensation is greatly reduced!
A number of products of the Guy Cotten range is benefitting from the ISOLATECH INNOVATION.

About the NYLPECHE Fabric: 

Perfected for the commercial fishing industry, Nylpeche has been adopted by a large majority of fishermen worldwide.The attention given to the coating, which contains only pure ingredients, accounts for the fabric ability to weather extremes of temperature.
The sophistication of Nylpeche provides a 100 % waterproof garment of unequalled strength, at the same time retaining excellent suppleness.
Composition: Highly resistant polyester 150 g/m2.
Double sided pure PVC coating (335 g/m2).
Total weight : 485 g/m2.

About the Cap-coz Fabric:

This is an already proven fabric delivering maximum comfort. The generous outer coating makes it very strong and entirely waterproof, while allowing great flexibility. It is also very resistant to temperature variations. The Cap Coz’s interior jersey is pleasant to the touch, provides thermal insulation and reduces condensation. Composition: Polyester jersey 110 g/m². 1 side PVC coating 370 g/m². Total weight 480 g/m².

Fabric: Nylpêche & Cap-coz
Colours: Blue & Yellow, Orange & Yellow

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Blue & Yellow, Orange & Yellow


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