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Fladen Flotation One Piece Rescue System Suit

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Fladen’s highly regarded suits are made from a light, soft, wind and water-resistant fabric that has passed rigorous testing to ISO 12402 qualifying as fully flotation.
Furthermore, the one piece model 845XY suits are certified to ISO 15027-1 as immersion suits.



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The newly updated version of the popular 845 version the 845XY has all of the same functions & quality that you have come to expect from Fladen, but with a modern touch.


  1. New updated and improved model
  2. SOLAS/USCG Approved Reflective Tape (400cm/sq)
  3. Top quality PVC Flotation material. Double stitched water tight seams. Total weight 2.2 kg. Has a buoyancy of 85 newtons exceeding the ISO 12402-6 requirement by a considerable margin.
  4. Reinforced knees
  5. Two bellows leg pockets, Two zipped chest pockets and one arm pocket.
  6. Seals prevent water entry at Legs/Sleeves/Thighs which reduces water flushing through the suit increasing thermal protection.
  7. CE 394 whistle
  8. Insulated hood and collar for thermal protection
  9. Adjustable neoprene cuffs in sleeves
  10. Fluorescent fabric for visibilty
  11. Incredible comfort and mobility
  12. Durable 300 Denier Polyester Fabric. 

Approvals: ISO 12402-6 – ISO-15027-1 CLASS D


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