10.5g Aquamesh® Wire 1½” x 1½”

Aquamesh® Wire

Is available in a wide range of widths, gauges and mesh sizes.

We are the UK distributor of Aquamesh®.

Aquamesh® is PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh specifically designed for use in the marine environment. It has a proven track record in both fishing and aquaculture.

High quality carbon steel is used to ensure consistent durability. The steel is galvanised after welding with a thick layer of zinc giving a high resistance to corrosion. Vinyl is then fuse bonded to the mesh.
This process provides consistent, flexible and durable coatings. Unlike standard coated steel, bending, scuffing and long exposure to salt and ozone will not cause the the coating to peel or crack. The coating has also been found to resist algae and hard fouling, making it ideal for aquaculture applications.

Aquamesh® is produced in 100ft Rolls in a range of widths, mesh sizes and wire gauges please see details below.

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